COVID-19 Impact to 2020 Race

Hi Folks – Obviously our race will likely be impacted by the Coronovirus.


Well, sort of……Unfortunately we all won’t be gathering together in June but we do still have a charity to support so we have decided to run the race V I R T U A L L Y.

Here are the details:

  • You need to still register – all proceeds (after expenses covered) go 100% to the charity.
  • If you feel safe doing so and you can do this while maintaining the suggested social distancing guidelines, you can run the course anytime you want between now and June 6th @ noon EST.  Please do not form groups of any kind for your run.
  • Registered runners will be able to submit their times to us via email.  When you register, you’ll receive the email address to submit your time to.  You are free to run it and not submit your time.
  • We are not paying out the usual $100 for any course records being broken this year.  In addition, we are not allowing records to be officially broken this year.
  • We will be mailing out medals to the Top-10 Males/Females in each group.
  • This is all based on the honor system – we are counting on folks to be honest with their times.
  • All registered runners will still be able to receive their coveted pint glass!  Details for local pickup will be provided upon registration.
  • The course map is on this site and there are Strava details below for those that are able to download the course to a running watch or phone.  For those concerned with getting lost – if you keep the water on your right – eventually you’ll get back to the beach / finish line.
  • For those that use Strava -you’ll find the courses there;
  • Please note: By entering this event, you are assuming all risk and liability.  Our insurance rider covers only the original event scheduled for June 6th.  You are simply ‘going for a run’ and sending us the time after.  The Ashland Trail Race, nor the Hopkinton Running Club assumes any responsibility for and possible injuries sustained while running.
  • Bottom Line – think of this as a good donation to charity!

Be safe and we are looking forward to 2021 already!


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