This is a great course!  Novice runners will find it challenging but not too dangerous while more experienced runners will find it just right with many sections to really open it up and enjoy some speed! There are 2 distances being run – a 5K and a 10K.  The 10K simply runs 2 loops on the 5K course.The course starts on pavement and continues on a paved flat park road for roughly 1/4 mile before switching to double track trails.  After a short section of a steep-ish loose descent, you’ll be greeted with a flat straight away across the dam as you approach a single lane narrow short bridge marking mile 1.  For the next mile, you get to enjoy classic NE trail running…smooth up/downs, fun natural features to navigate…etc.  At mile 2, you have a short section through a parking lot (water station here), and you re-enter the woods for the final mile.  The final mile is similar to the second mile but not as technical. Exiting the woods just shy of 3 miles, you have an uphill sprint to the finish line.  Have fun!

Course Map

  • Start/Finish markers in yellow
  • Red circles indicate mile markers (water here)
  • 5K loop course is in purple
  • 10K runners do 2 loops – connected by green dots


Run Ashland Trail Race from Jason Hughes on Vimeo.

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